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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I book a studio session?

To reserve a studio, first sign up for a Studio 606 account. Once signed up, through your profile you can gain access to reserve a studio or service. Already a member? Reserve a studio through "Request Studio Time" tab at the top of the page. Studio time must be reserved at least two weeks in advance.

How much does a studio session cost?

Pricing ranges depending on the request. Studio 606 offers special pricing for Community, Commercial, Non Profit, and Student reservations. To learn more about pricing and packages, visit the Pricing and Studio Packages page, or contact Studio 606 staff for more information.

Do you offer student discounts?

Yes! Studio 606 provides special pricing for students. Inquire with staff for a price quote, and be prepared to provide your student ID.

What should I bring to my studio session?

Bring any instruments or written materials you may need for your session. No food or drink other than water is allowed in the studio space. If you need water, bring a water bottle, as Studio 606 does not provide water. Each reservation has its own unique needs, so if you are not sure what to bring to your session, reach out to the 606 staff and they will assist you.

What is included in each studio?

Studio A is the podcasting studio, which includes a round table with four Shure SM7B microphones. Studio B includes a vocal recording booth, and a recording studio. The recording studio can be used to record entire songs, or simply be utilized as a rehearsal space. The recording studio in Studio B comes with a drum set, mics, and amps. 

How do I get my files after the session?

All files are transferred via a Microsoft one drive link. You do not have to make an account to download the files. Files will be released when session is finished and paid for in full.

I'm a beginner, can staff help me?

Yes! Studio 606 is for everyone, from beginners to industry experts. Studio 606 staff are trained and ready to assist you to make your project come to life, from reserving a studio to finishing those final touches. To learn more, visit the Studio Packages page, or contact staff with any questions.

Can someone help me edit a podcast or mix a song?

A reservation for podcast recording includes light editing, including added intro and background music. For a more detailed edit, additional podcast editing services, along with visual editing services can be purchased. For music recordings, mixing and mastering services are offered on the Studio Packages page. For additional inquiries, reach out to Studio 606 staff.

Can I bring anyone to my session?

All guests must be listed in the studio reservation application, which will be provided by staff after your initial request for studio time. These guests must sign the Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy, and Hold Harmless agreement upon arrival at the studio. 

I'm under 18, can I still reserve a studio?

Yes, as long as there is a legal guardian present to represent you.

Are animals allowed?

No animals are allowed, except for service animals.

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